We believe in the power of music and group fitness to help drive people to obtain their fitness goals, keeping them inspired and motivated along the way.
We truly believe an active body and a clean environment can contribute to solving our planetʼs larger environmental problem and obesity epidemic. For a fitter planet, our goal is to start creating change here in our own community.
Core is a high-quality fitness studio specializing in Les Mills Group Fitness, the world's leader in fitness formulas.  Combining music and sound in a concert-like atmosphere with the best fitness professionals in the area, we promise you will have a fitness experience unlike any youʼve ever had.  Our revolutionary fitness concept provides inspiration and motivation delivered through scientifically developed programs for results, perfect for the deconditioned individual to the elite athlete.

Core is the first Les Mills Fitness Studio in New York State and the
first in upstate New York to utilize Green Revolution technology.